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Explainer Video Services


As a business owner, you know that marketing boosts your sales. You may have tried various forms of advertising ranging from flyer distribution to Facebook marketing. However you may have noticed that your sales are simply not growing. The reason why this is happening is because your ad is simply not grabbing the customer’s attention.

At Animaker Tips, we provide a solution to this problem through our explainer videos. Our explainer videos are effective marketing tools because they use animated cartoons to explain your message in about 1 min and 30 seconds. This ability to quickly tell your message to your potential customers will cause many of them to watch your video.

As your customer is mesmerized by your stunning animated explainer video, they will be more receptive to see how your product will benefit their lives. This simple reason is exactly why explainer videos typically increase your conversion rate by 20%. Boost your revenue today by getting a professional explainer video from Animaker Tips.


Full Rights to Your Explainer Video

When I deliver the high definition mp4 file to your email, you will officially own the rights to display your explainer video on any site that you want.

HD MP4 File

All of our explainer videos will be exported as a HD mp4 file. This file format works perfectly on any streaming platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and much more.

Quick Turnaround

One of our strongest advantages is that we produce explainer videos much faster than our competitors.  This is because we utilize a powerful and effective drag and drop animation software known as Animaker.

Full Service Company

All our explainer videos contain important story elements needed to effectively convey your message such as a powerful script, beautiful animation, mesmerizing narration, and much more.

How it Works


We will begin by gathering all the information about how your product solves a particular problem that your audience is experiencing.
After our interview, we will write a powerful script that will effectively entertain and inform your audience about the benefits of buying your product.
As soon as the script is completed, you will have the opportunity to revise the script until you are satisfied. 


After you are satisfied with the script, we will turn that script into a storyboard. A storyboard is like a comic panel that visually describes what is written in the script.
This tool will give you a rough idea of how your explainer video will turn out.
During this production stage, you will be given the opportunity to make any changes that you would like to the storyboard. 

Voice over

Once the storyboard is completely approved, it is now time to hire a professional voice over artist.
As a customer, you will be given the option to pick any of our talented voice over artists to bring your script to life through their vocal performance.
After we record the narration, you will be allowed to make any changes that you want to the audio track.


This is the stage where we turn the script, storyboard, and voiceover into a visually stunning animated explainer video.
During this stage, we will also add in some music and sound effects that will spice up the explainer video.
As soon as the video is completed, we will first send you a link to previewthe animated explainer video.
At this stage, you will be allowed to make any minor revisions that you want to your explainer video.


When you approve the final animation, we will send you the official HD video file to your email via a Google drive link.
When you receive this email, it is important to click the link in order to download the explainer video to your computer.
Congratulations !!
You now have a powerful marketing tool that will definitely boost your conversion rate.


High Quality Animation
Professional Voice over
Professional Music and Sfx
Explainer Script- 150 words
HD 720 p mp4 file
60 seconds Video
14 business days
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High Quality Animation
Professional Voice over
Professional Music and Sfx
Explainer Script- 200 words
HD 720 p mp4 file
90 seconds Video
12 business days
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High Quality Animation
Professional Voice over
Professional Music and Sfx
Explainer Script- 300 words
HD 720 p mp4 file
120 seconds Video
12 business days
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