Create an Animated Piechart Lesson in Animaker [FREE COURSE]

The goal for any math teacher is to find creative ways to teach mathematics to their students.  

You use creative teaching methods because you value the ability to grab the attention of your student.

This desire is the reason why you should use Animaker in your math lessons. 

Animaker enables you to easily create stunning animated videos that will powerfully grab the attention of your students.  

This huge benefit is what motivated me to create the Animaker Piechart Course.

This course will easily show you how to turn a piechart lesson into an awesome animated video.  

I want to give you a simple overview of how I will train you on turning a basic piechart lesson into a fun and engaging video.

Animaker Pie Chart Lesson Overview


Step 1: Understanding the Word Problem For This Pie chart Lesson

We will start off the course by watching the pie chart video.

This video will help your student to figure out what percentage of Tim’s income went toward his savings.  

In scene 1, a hand will literally write out the word problem for your student to solve. 

In scene 2, you will see the animated piechart that will be created to help your student to solve this word problem.

When the student views this scene, they will be able to figure out that the answer is 20%.

So in scene 3, you will see a happy character jumping up and down as a way to show them that they chose the right answer.


Step 2: Using the Animaker Effect Tool to Animate Text and Images


When you finish watching the video, you will need to animate the text and images that were in the animated piechart lesson by using the Animaker effect tool. 

This simple to use tool enables you to add cool effects that will animate your texts and images for you. 

The Animaker effect tool will truly be your best friend because it helps you to quickly create your video in a matter of minutes instead of hours.


Step 3: Adding the Final touches to your Piechart Lesson


animated piechart lesson 3


Animaker also helps you to further enhance your video by adding background music to your piechart lesson.

I will show you how to add some awesome background music to your video by using the Animaker music tool.

This tool will help you to find the music that fits the emotion that you want your students to experience as they watch your video.

For example: you can use a happy song as a way to let them know that they have solved the word problem correctly.


Step 4: Adding Scene Transitions to your Video

animated piechart lesson 2

You will also learn how to how to add scene transitions to your video by using the Animaker scene transition tool.

This tool will help you to transition to each scene in various ways such as sliding to the bottom, left side, right side, and etc.

The benefit of using this tool is that it prevents your scene transitions from looking kind of boring.

Step 5: Export the Animated Piechart Lesson to Youtube


animated piechart lesson 4


 When you are done creating your piechart lesson, you will export your video directly to Youtube by using the Animaker export tool.  

This feature is great because you won’t have to download the video, and then go to through the process of uploading it to Youtube.



When you follow my five step process, you will gain the knowledge that you need to create your own custom educational video that will fit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the free course, and start creating animated videos that will turn your student’s frown upside down.





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