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Ian Maigua

Animaker Tips Founder

In 2015, I founded my explainer video company known as Animaker Tips. I created this site as place where small startup entrepreneurs can get a professional explainer video for the product without costing them a fortune.

As an entrepreneur, I have discovered that explainer videos are effective marketing tools because they use animated cartoons to explain your message in about 1 min and 30 seconds. This ability to quickly tell your message to your potential customers will cause many of them to watch your video.

As your customer is mesmerized by your stunning animated explainer video, they will be more receptive to see how your product will benefit their lives.

This is the reason why explainer videos typically increase your conversion rate by 20%. Boost your revenue today by getting a professional explainer video from Animaker Tips.

Meet The Team

It takes a lot of talented people to create an explainer video for your business. Discover how each team member plays a big part in how your animated explainer video is created.   


The scriptwriter will turn our interview about your product into an exciting script. His job is to create a powerful script that both entertains and informs your customer about why they should purchase your product.

Storyboard Artist

The storyboard artist is responsible for turning the script into comic book panels known as storyboards. The advantage of storyboarding an explainer video is it make it easier for us to pre visualize how we should compose the explainer video for you business.

Voice Over Artist

The voice over artist is responsible for narrating the explainer video script. Their enthusiastic vocal performance will cause people to listen to your video.


The animator has two major responsibilities when it comes to creating an explainer video for a client. The first responsibility is to creatively turn the script, storyboard, and voiceover into a fun and engaging video.

The animator will use the storyboard as guide to see how they should compose the look of the animated video.

The second responsibility that the animator has is to add some music and sound effects that will enhance the explainer video.