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Ian Maigua

Animaker Instructor

Education is an important part of a child’s life. The knowledge that they gain in school enables them to live a happy and successful life. However as a kid, I remembered that the classroom lectures were always kind of boring.

This reality caused me to search for a better way to teach lessons in a fun and engaging manner.

As I was searching for that method, I discovered a cool animation software known as Animaker. As I spent 3 months learning this software, I quickly realized that it could be used to turn any classroom lecture into an awesome animated tutorial video.

The best part about the program is that you didn’t need to be a professional animator to use it.

So in 2015, I decided to create my blog known as Animaker Tips. In this blog,  I  provide you with step by step instructions on how to create your very own tutorial videos in Animaker.

We will cover a variety of topics such as math, english, science, and etc.  My ultimate goal for this site is that you use these lessons to create fun and engaging tutorial videos that will leave a positive impact on your students.

Why Choose Animaker Tips?

In this site, you will learn how to use the Animaker software to create awesome tutorial videos. I have designed each tutorial to follow these three important principles.

Principle 1: Easy to Understand

In this blog, I will personally show you how to use this software to create some fascinating tutorial videos in a way that is easy to understand.

Principle 2: Step by Step Tutorials

In this blog, you will notice that the tutorials have been designed to follow a clear step by step approach. This will make it easier for you to follow along.

Principle 3: Tutorials Based On Your Needs

I made this blog to help you to create your very own tutorial videos. This is the reason why I ask my subscribers to send me their suggestions of what tutorial I should create next.

Thanks for Checking Out My About Me Page