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Animaker tips is your helpful resource to turning your lectures into engaging animation tutorial videos. I will provide you with step by step instructions that will ensure that your animated tutorial video will look amazing.

Begin your journey to creating your very own tutorial video that will leave a positive impact on your students.


Learn to create your very own custom tutorial video by checking out my blog.

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Ian Maigua

Animaker Instructor

I created Animaker Tips as a place where I can show you how to create fascinating tutorial videos for your students.

As a professional Animaker instructor, I will teach you how to create your tutorial video in a way that is simple to understand.

My ultimate goal for this site is that you use these lessons to create fun and engaging tutorial videos that will leave a positive impact on your students.

The 3 Benefits of Using My Animaker Tutorials

Easy to


Each tutorial is designed to teach you how to create your own custom tutorial video in a way that is easy to understand.

Step by Step


I will provide you with in-depth step by step tutorials that will show you how to create your own custom video today.

Tutorials Based on

 Your Needs

The tutorials on this blog are based on the requests that are given to me by my subscribers.

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